The Proof Is In The Pudding

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The Proof Is In The Pudding

What better way to complement our outdoor dining experience in Warwickshire than with an artisanal ice cream or sorbet from Ice Cream Union. We’ve recently partnered with the pudding pioneers at Ice Cream Union and we now stock an appetising array of their uniquely flavoured delights.

We all know the term ‘the proof is in the pudding’ and when it comes to providing the perfect pudding – Ice Cream Union are pioneers. In the last twelve years Ice Cream Union have been working tirelessly to produce ice creams and sorbets for many of London’s top restaurants, and subsequently some of their most influential chefs.

Their revolutionary approach to their craft, from the tools they use, to the ingredients they choose – everything is planned and sourced meticulously to achieve the best results. Their ice cream can best be described as unique, true to flavour, and game-changing. They want to radically change people’s expectations of ice cream – one mouthful and trust us you’ll be converted.

Ingredients are a key focus for the folks at Ice Cream Union, they hand-select the very best Sicilian Blood Oranges at peak season, they even craft their own honeycomb – their commitment to curating exquisite flavours knows no bounds.

Ice Cream Union’s special production methodologies present many benefits. These methodologies ensure that they work with ingredients in their purest form – guaranteeing the ultimate flavour, aroma and mouthfeel. Freshness is absolutely paramount, which is why they make everything in-house. Prepping fruits, making fruit juices and cooking their own ripple sauces is all part of their day-to-day operations. They even create their own nut pastes, they directly source the nuts which provide them with greater results in terms of taste and added transparency in their supply chain.

Their passion for tinkering, innovating and imagination has enabled them to work with a plethora of prestigious customers throughout the country. With 36 ice creams, 13 sorbets and 3 vegan ice creams to choose from, you’re truly spoilt for choice. We stock 35 of their flavours in our restaurant, simply ask your server which flavours are available on the day.

Their revolutionary approach to flavour is evident in even their more conventional flavours like Mint Choc Chip and Traditional Vanilla, they totally exceed expectations and shake up perceptions of what ice cream should be. Their more unorthodox flavours like Cornflake, Matcha Tea and Lemon Pie – have been extremely popular among customers who have complimented their bold and individual flavours. If you’re searching high and low for Vegan ice cream, look no further. Ice Cream Union has a delicious range of flavours for you.

If sorbet is more up your street, Ice Cream Union has 13 invigorating flavours to choose from, including but not limited to: Mandarin, Blood Orange, Blackcurrant and Watermelon – to name a few.

With 35 of their finest flavours to choose from, why not pay our country pub a visit and indulge in our range of Ice Cream Union’s divine delights.

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