Time For Tea

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Time For Tea

If you fancy a brew in one of the best country pubs in Warwickshire, why not pop in for a visit? We don’t just pull pints at this pub, we have a whole host of offerings available. But, if you fancy something more traditional, join us for the finest cup of tea you’ll ever taste, from the experts at Birchall Tea.

150 years ago in 1872 the seeds of a tea dynasty were planted. It all began with Birchall George Graham, who left the army after serving as an officer with the Duke of Wellington’s regiment for many years to embark on an exciting adventure. This adventure would take him back to India, a land he had grown fond of after being posted out there with the military. Birchall sold his commission and used his savings to start his own tea company. He planted the first tea bushes in early Spring 1872 and Birchall Tea was born.

Five generations later and the current generation of the Graham family continues his legacy. They now trade tea across the world and have extensive interests in East Africa, where you can find their trading offices and their sprawling tea factory in Mombasa, Kenya. They are now globally one of the biggest exporters of black teas from East Africa.

“To get the best tasting tea you need the best growers. It is as simple as that.”

When it comes to tea, taste is everything. In order to craft the best tasting tea, knowledge and dedication are imperative. Birchall Tea works with leading experts to ensure the full flavour and rich tasting tea that they’re known for. Their dedication to producing high-quality tea has been recognised globally with a plethora of prestigious accolades and awards. Furthermore, their East African tea estates provide valuable employment all year round.

Birchall Tea are completely committed to reducing the impact of their trading activities on the environment. The new Birchall Tea Factory in Amesbury, Wiltshire is the UK’s very first solar-powered tea factory. With over 460 solar panels, it is capable of producing all of the clean renewable electricity needed to carry out their on-site operations. In 2019, Birchall Tea made big changes to reduce excess and single-use plastic from their supply chain. Their products are now either plastic- free or made from plant-based materials where possible.

What’s more, the entirety of their tea range is Carbon Neutral. In 2020, Birchall Tea officially joined the UN’s Climate Neutral Now Initiative, the first tea company in the world to do so. They have achieved the Carbon Neutral International Standard, by measuring and offsetting their greenhouse gas emissions and supporting verified volunteer reforestation projects around the world. When it comes to the tea industry, Birchall Tea stands proudly at the forefront of the green movement.

So, not only do they produce full flavoured tasty tea, they provide valuable employment and champion the environment. Birchall Tea ticks all the boxes, who better to provide our pub in Warwickshire with a delicious array of tempting teas. After all there is nothing more quintessentially British than a cup of tea.

There’s always time for tea, why not pay us a visit and discover what makes Birchall Tea so special.

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