From Farm To Fork

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From Farm To Fork

What does it take to be one of the best restaurants in Warwickshire? We’re glad you asked. It all comes down to the menu, and most importantly the ingredients used to craft mouth-watering meals. We know a thing or two about sourcing the very best ingredients for our customers. For instance, we source our meat from the finest farmers and award-winning butchers at Taste Tradition.

Taste Tradition was established in 2004, their unique formula partners their farmers with award-winning master butchers to supply the highest quality meat products, from their farms to your plate. Nestled in the very heart of the North York Moors National Park, the Ashbridge family have been farming using the traditional methods of breeding, rearing and finishing livestock for three generations.

The Taste Traditions farms keep an extensive variety of animals, which at first glance could be mistaken for a modern day Noah’s Ark. Their impressive range of cattle includes; Longhorn, Shorthorn, Aberdeen Angus, Red Poll, Dexter, Hereford, Galloway, Belted Galloway, Welsh, and Irish Moiled cattle. They also have Saddleback, Gloucester Old Spot and Welsh pigs. Furthermore, they supply Texel and Suffolk sheep too. When it comes to rare and native breeds, their experience is second to none. The breeds they keep were chosen due to their suitability for outdoor rearing and the all-important taste factor.

As masters of their craft it’s no surprise that Taste Tradition has a lengthy and impressive customer list. They supply their delicious delights to many of the country’s best chefs, restaurateurs and well-known celebrity TV chefs. Their products are purchased by some of London’s biggest attractions such as the National Galleries and the Royal Academy of Art.

Taste Tradition are committed to ensuring the welfare of the animals on their farms. They run their own family farms and work in a unique partnership with a network of local farmers and trusted abattoirs, allowing them to ensure animal welfare and traceability at every stage of production. Their success stems from their dedication to animal welfare, traditional farming methods and high quality produce. The heaps of industry awards they have won are testament to the incredible quality of their products and service.

Their extensive experience in rare and native breeds alongside the traditional farming methods they use allows them to offer a wide variety of end products. Who better to provide us with our beef, lamb and pork than Taste Tradition.

You will find a succulent selection of their meats in our kitchen, curated into mouth-watering meals by our skilled chef’s. If you’re searching for a cosy country pub in Warwickshire that serves hearty British fare, why not book a table and taste the difference for yourself.

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